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T. & Associates Inc. (T&A) renders a wide range of research and consulting services as shown below. T&A is specifically committed to overseas development assistance contracted from international donor agencies. T&A intends to contribute for value creation for its clients and socio-economic development with its excellent and unique expertise.

Interdisciplinary Capability and Range of Expertise

Urban development

Urban development is comprised of multifold aspects. T&A is focused on soft-aspect rather than hard aspect. T&A's expertise encompasses sophisticated financial planning, marketing strategies, institutional and legal analysis and project planning and management. It is deemed as essential to enhance management capacity and to improve development strategies of implementation entities.

Municipal operation and management strategies

Many developing countries tend to lack a viewpoint of urban and regional economy development strategies. Urban and regional development can be implemented more efficiently and effectively with excellent economic development vision and strategies. Appropriate institutional framework and sophisticated knowledge tools are indispensable for project success. Japanese experiences and knowledge for city operation and management are presumed to be useful for developing countries. However, appropriate customization will be necessary to make them suitable in recipient countries. Just transplanting will not bear fruit. T&A renders research and consulting services with its wide and network of the experts from Japanese governmental urban development agencies, private developers, municipalities, universities, etc.

Urban planning

We constantly render services to formulate city master plan, structure plan, district plan, in-detail implementation plans for our clients. In particular, we sincerely strive to respond to the needs and demands of our clients by providing such multifold and interdisciplinary expertise as mentioned above. T&A intends to come up with practical and tangible outputs through integrating physical planning and soft aspects of management and operation.

Real estate development and management

We aim to make good contribution not only in terms of macro level planning but also for micro level planning. In recent years, such actual project realization has become so critical. It will be deemed as essential for development consultants to render consultancy services in such actual project occasions, in addition to pursuing macro-level, upper-stream planning. Therefore, professional expertise and knowledge on business have become essential know-how for urban planning and urban development in developing countries.

Education and human resource development

One of our target business fields is capacity development. T&A exert utmost effort to conduct effective and practical training and education. As a part of our main objectives, we put big priority on realization of concrete results and business success. In that context, we believe that human resource development, education and training are of absolute necessity.

Market research and marketing

T&A believes that marketing viability is one of the important factors to constitute project feasibility. Although financial viability and technical viability are essential, it is also of great importance to grasp real market need and demand. T&A strives to conduct excellent market research and marketing consultancy service in view of assuring business feasibility.

Business plan and management strategy

T&A encourages self-fulfillment of talented consultants and further comprehensive competence specifically in the field of business planning and management strategy. As a uniquely talented consultancy company in the field of international development consulting, we put priority on this field as well. Without good business planning and management strategies, project implementation will not go on well.

Economic evaluation

We strive to come up with excellent outcomes of economic evaluation of various infrastructure development projects and urban development projects in less developed countries and developing countries. T&A renders consulting services in this field with full knowledge on such economic evaluation manuals of ADB, World Bank, IDB etc.

Financial analysis

T&A's will conduct financial analysis for various development projects in developing countries. T&A strives to understand various needs and requests of the clients and conducts in-detail business analysis. Based on such deep understanding on current situation and context, T&A comes up with pin-point financial analysis and business planning recommendation and proposals. Although technical design and planning are important, financial viability is also an essential component to check project feasibility.

Project evaluation

One of our targeted expertise fields is project evaluation from project development stage, through implementation stage, post-evaluation stage etc. Such project evaluation is conducted on the basis of DAC 5 evaluation items (relevancy, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability)

Airport planning and management

T&A has excellent and experienced in-house experts in the field of airport planning and management consulting. The experts have worked on many projects of new airport planning and construction in Japan as well as in Oceania, Asia and North America and Europe.

Urban transport planning/ public transport planning

T&A conducts general and specific study and research in urban transport field. The capability is comprised of urban railway, subway, bus, parking facility.


South Asia

Human resource development for urban development and urban management, Kabul Metropolitan Area, (Afghanistan)

Human resource development for urban development, Kabul Metropolitan Area, (Afghanistan)

Capacity development project of Kabul Metropolitan Area Development. (Afghanistan)

Economic evaluation and financial analysis of Emergent Water Resource Development Project for Kabul New City, (Afghanistan)

Organizational analysis of Desabz South Infrastructure Development Project, Kabul New City, (Afghanistan)

Ex-post-evaluation of Kabul International Airport Terminal Project, (Afghanistan)

Economic evaluation and fund procurement analysis of Karachi Urban Transport Project, Pakistan

Ex-post evaluation of Taunsa Barrage Gate Rehabilitation, Project, (Pakistan)

Ex-post-evaluation of Moulvibazar Meteorological Radar System Project, (Bangladesh)

Ex-post-evaluation of Portable Steel Bridges on Upazila and Union Roads, (Bangladesh)

Capacity development program for urban mater plan by the Third Country Training (India)

Capacity development program for new city development projects, land finance, business planning, financial strategies and economic development strategies by the Third Country Training (India)

Capacity development program for Indian town planning scheme, urban redevelopment projects by the Third Country Training (India)

West Asia

Urban planning/ land use planning for Damascus Metropolitan Area, (Syria)

Capacity development program for new city development projects, urban planning and development institutions by the Third Country Training (Turkey)

Capacity development program for formalization of informal settlement, urban planning institutions, urban transformation/ urban renewal projects by the Third Country Training (Turkey)

Capacity development program for new city building projects, corporate management and financial strategies of public corporation, project management by the Third Country Training (Turkey)

Southeast Asia

Capacity development program with case studies of Cyberjaya and Putrajaya new city development projects by the Third Country Training (Malaysia)

Business plans and economic evaluation of Bangkok Sub-Center Lakabang Project, (Thailand)

Regional development planning and land use planning of CALA Road Development Promotion Study, (Philippines)

Asia Pacific

Financial analysis, fund procurement planning and electricity tariff analysis of Power Supply Improvement Master Plan, (Palau)


Urban planning/ land use planning of Lilongwe City Master Plan, (Malawi)

Economic evaluation/ financial analysis of Solar Energy Utilization Master Plan Study, (Nigeria)

Education planning of Elementary School Construction Project, (Nigeria)

Central and South America

Organizational and Legal analysis of National Transport Plan Study, (Nicaragua)

About T&A

Corporate Mission

  • T&A is committed to global contribution and sustainable development of Japan’s society and economy
  • T&A provides clients with effective and concrete solution and help them realize business goal
  • T&A maintains utmost social trust and faith by fair corporate activities
  • T&A endeavors to be professional.
Registered name T.&Associates,Inc.
Established Oct 2003
President and CEO Kenji Takahashi
Address Head office
2710-305, Mihocho, Midori-ku Yokohama-City,
Kanagawa, 226-0015, Japan  
Phone +81-(0)45-934-1548
FAX +81-(0)45-934-1548
Solutions Research and Consulting Services
・Urban development
・urban planning
・city management
・real estate development
・education and human resource development
・marketing research
・corporate management and administration
・business plan and strategies
・economic evaluation
・financial analysis
・project evaluation
・transport study and research
・airport planning operation and management

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